A homemaker makes much effort to guard her home and family. They are her pride and joy, and in them, she sees a reflection of herself. Unwanted disease-carrying intruders like rats, mosquitoes and cockroaches are in no way welcome in her lovingly run home. That’s why she turns to Hit, her warrior and ally in eradicating these intruders and regaining control over her home. After all, when it comes to your family’s health, there can be no half measures. Hit has been on a crusade against the threat of diseases like malaria, dengue, jaundice and diarrhoea since its inception in 1991. Its war cry of ‘kill pests, kill diseases’ has already benefitted 2.10 million households and every day, more homemakers are joining its fray. Our aim is to offer a superior, effective solution. At Hit, we are innovating ways to make our products easy-to-use, safe and affordable, to help every homemaker win her battle against pests.

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HIT - The cockroach killer

HIT - The cockroach killer

Get rid of cockroaches, no matter where they hide.

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